Cilkus Dog Muzzle Nylon Mesh Adjustable Breathable Soft Dog Muzzle, Anti-bite, Anti-Barking, Anti-Chaos, Pet Anti-Barking Muzzle, 4 Sizes for Large, Medium and Small Dogs Black(L)



Brand: Cilkus

Color: Black


  • Comfortable and Breathable : This dog muzzle is made of nylon mesh breathable material. The fabric is soft and comfortable. After wearing it, your dogs can breathe freely without affecting breathing. It will bring a comfortable feeling to your dog.
  • Adjustable : This dog mouth has a velcro design and an adjustable snap design, which can be adjusted according to the dog’s mouth shape. It is suitable for merging with double-layer velcro and firmly fixed.
  • Rugged and Durable : reinforced nylon material, strong and durable buckle, multi-layer reinforced weaving process, double-layer velcro design, is a high-quality dog ??muzzle, can protect the dog when traveling safely.
  • Safety Protection : The curved design suitable for the dog’s mouth can safely and perfectly ensure that the muzzle can be firmly fixed in the mouth. The fixed lock and velcro can be easily worn on the dog without slipping, safe and reliable.
  • After-Sales Service : If you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact me at any time, we will provide free replacement or full refund service. If you have any questions about the product, you can also contact us at any time, we will provide you with strong support to solve the problem.

Package Dimensions: 22x209x47

Details: Details

Material : Nylon

Colour : Black

Muzzle Size (Adjustable Range)
M-size : 5.5-7.9 inches / 14-20 cm
L-size : 7-9.4 inches / 18-24 cm
XL-size : 8.6-11 inches / 22-28 cm
2XL-size : 11-13.4 inches / 28-34 cm

Please measure how big your dog needs before buying, it is important to choose the right size product

Measurement methods :
Mouth Circumference : Please measure near the nose when measuring
Mouth length : the length from the bottom of the dog’s mouth to the neck


The first time you wear it to a dog, the dog may feel uneasy. Before wearing it, you need your patience to induce the dog to give him some food or encourage it.

After wearing it for many times, the dog will adapt.