Ls opTImal Compressed Catnip Ball Toy, 10 Pack - Catnip Indoor Cats - All Natural Catnip for Cats - Cat Toy Interactive Ball - Cat Kicker Toy Catnip Cat Toys - Cat Nip Kitty Toys (100% Natural Catnip)



Brand: Ls opTImal


  • ALL-NATURAL CATNIP TOY BALL: Raw Paws 100% all-natural catnip balls are safe and healthy for your cat, containing no artificial, toxic or addictive ingredients. Catnip edible balls act as a stimulant when sniffed, and a sedative when consumed!(No chemical ingredients)
  • COMPRESSED CATNIP TOYS RELIEVE STRESS: Ease anxiety, stress and boredom with catnip compressed balls! Cat toys with catnip are helpful for car rides, vet visits and the acclimation process in a new environment, especially in shelters and new homes.(Let’s take care of the cat together)
  • SOOTHE UPSET STOMACHS: Our catnip balls for cats and kittens alleviates digestive issues like constipation, flatulence and inflammation. Catnip treats and toys act as a carminative, expelling air from the intestines, reducing your kitty’s discomfort.(Let the cat be less depressed)
  • CATNIP BALL SET ENCOURAGES ACTIVITY: Our catnip treat ball will entertain your cats and boost their exercise. Although 1/3 of all cats lack the gene that attracts them to catnip, be on the lookout for increased playfulness, purring, rolling and activity in your kitties when they play with these fresh catnip toys!(10 capsules per pack)
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We stand behind our brand and value our customers’ satisfaction on every single order. If you’re not completely satisfied with our catnip ball cat toy, we will provide a Full Refund – Guaranteed – no questions asked.(Let our cat fall in love with this funny toy)

Package Dimensions: 20x150x36