Petlab Co. Joint Chews for Dogs | Canine Hip and Joint Support | High Levels of Glucosamine, Omega 3, Turmeric, Vitamins and Minerals



Brand: Petlab Co.


  • || GLUCOSAMINE SUPPORT ||: Included in high concentrations, the Glucosamine for dogs in our joint support chews may help to reduce swelling and improve joint mobility.
  • || TURMERIC & OMEGA 3 ||: Included to help support your dog’s hips and joints as well as their connective tissues. Turmeric and Omega 3 may support flexibility as well as all-round health and wellbeing.
  • || FANTASTIC TASTE ||: With a naturally superb flavour, your fur baby will look forward to their joint care chew each and every day, with a mouthwatering taste; there’s nothing better than a healthy supplement that also tastes great!
  • || PROMOTES CARTILAGE DEVELOPMENT & JOINT HEALTH ||: Our joint support chews with Glucosamine help maintain synovial fluid that lubricates joints. Glucosamine may stimulate the production of proteoglycans which help maintain the health and resiliency of joints and connective tissue.
  • || MADE WITH LOVE & PASSION ||: Our hip and joint support chews have been designed and developed by a passionate team of dog owners and dog lovers. We, therefore, completely understand just how much your dog, and their quality of life, means to you.

Package Dimensions: 63x79x181

Details: Our hip and joint chews for dogs are formulated with high levels of Glucosamine, which has been known to enhance the strength and longevity of dog’s joints, hips, and connective tissues. We have also included Omega 3 in our joint support chews. Omega 3 consists of essential fatty acids that are vital to everyday health, strong muscles and healthy joints for both dogs and humans alike! It is widely recommended to supplement your dog’s diet with Omega 3 regularly so as to look after their overall health and wellbeing – as it is not a substance found naturally in their diet. This fatty acid also plays a vital role in caring for their mobility, flexibility and longevity. Another core ingredient in our joint care chews is Turmeric, this ingredient is known to help with joint discomfort and/or impaired movement. We have made sure to include only the very highest quality sources of Glucosamine, Omega 3, and Turmeric in our joint chews. These 3 key components are all found in high concentrations in our supplement, alongside an abundance of other highly effective vitamins, minerals and ingredients. Did we also mention that our chews taste delicious?! Extensive testing went into choosing the very best flavour that we are confident your dog will love (even if they are particularly fussy!) At Petlab, we strive for the life-changing in every single one of our products and our joint and hip care chews are absolutely no exception. An incredible amount of care, passion, love and research went into creating our product, with the aim of improving your dog’s quality of life, as well as: Enhancing joint flexibility and freedom of movement Supporting the overall health of your dog’s joints, hips and connective tissues Targeting well known hip and joint issues with high grade ingredients such as Glucosamine in high concentrations