PETYELLA Heated cat Houses for Outdoor Cats in Winter - Heated Outdoor cat House Weatherproof - Outdoor Heated cat House - Easy to Assemble




Color: Gray


  • ✅ THE BEST CAT HOUSE ON THE BLOCK! Our Heated Cat Houses for Outdoor Cats tops the charts in quality, beauty, and innovation. It makes a great water resistant shelter for all cats and dogs under 25 pounds.
  • ✅ HELP IN THE HUMANE EFFORT. Even with their thickened fur coats, feral and stray cats need a warm and insulated shelter to sleep at night. You can feel great knowing you are providing a heated cat bed.
  • ✅ *THE PERFECT GIFT FOR CAT LOVERS! Do you know someone that loves cats? Our Outdoor Cat Shelter makes a thoughtful & unique gift! It can be used in Barns, Porches, Garages, or Balconies!
  • ✅ *KEEP YOUR CATS WARM & DRY: The house comes with a heated pet mat with 1m chew proof cord and 4m extension cord. A plug in timer is also added so you can save time and money. When weather turning colder at night, your cat will love the benefits of having a heated shelter to snuggle up in during the chilly fall and winter months.
  • ✅ *ENJOY OUR 100% “COZY CAT” GUARANTEE— Our premium Heated Cat Houses come with everything you need to protect your cute cat from the elements. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, we will provide you with a full refund! ❗WARNING DO NOT PUT THE HOUSE UNDER THE STARS – RAIN WILL GET THROUGH THE OPENING FLAPS!❗

Package Dimensions: 150x452x2994


Caring for Cats-

There are a million reasons to love cats! They are independent, quiet, clean, and they even help reduce stress! They are excellent hunters that love the to explore the great outdoors, but they need places to take shelter when the weather gets colder. Cats are amazing creatures, and they need our extra care & concern in the bone-chilling winter months.

We created our premium outdoor cat house and heated cat bed with you in mind. We know you want the best for your pets and the stray animals in your neighborhood. Our heated cat house is portable, and easy to set up within a few minutes. We recommend putting it under your porch or balcony, or in your garage or barn. The two removable flap doors protect your pets from wind and cold weather, while still allowing your cat to enter and exit at their leisure.

Enjoy giving your cats and dogs a safe and warm outdoor shelter during the winter months!

A Few Reasons You’ll Love Your Outdoor Cat House:

✅ Made from Deluxe Water Resistant Fabric

✅ Extra Padding and Insulation on Bottom of House for Comfortable Cat Bed

✅ Two Flaps for Your Pet to Enter or Exit

✅ Beautiful and Unique Pet House Design

✅ Lightweight & Portable

✅ Easy to Set Up within 5 Minutes

✅ Folds Flat for Easy Storage

✅ Comes with a Bonus Heated Pet Mat Bed with a Chew-Proof Cord

✅ Includes a Premium 4 m Outdoor Extension Cable

✅ Outdoor Power Cord can Withstand -40° C/F

✅ Power-Smart Timer (Choose the Time the Heated Mat Turns On)

✅ Fits Pets up to 25 Pounds

✅ No Tools Required for Assembly

Get Your Outside Cat House Today to Help Shelter Outdoor Pets!